Feng Shui Dining Rooms

Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing your home in order to help you obtain what you want and deserve in your life. In this article we look at some of the general points you need to consider when harmonizing and balancing energy in the dining area of your home.

The dining room plays an important role in the home as it is where you and the family sit down to eat, filling your body with the essential nourishment you need to keep fit and healthy. Unfortunately many modern houses no longer have a separate dining room, having instead a dining area at one side of the kitchen or living space. If this is like your home it is important that you make this area a clearly defined space for eating with family and friends.

Even in those houses which do have a separate dining room, this room more often than any other is a very under utilized space. Rarely nowadays do people take the time to sit down at a dining table and have a meal together. The modern preference for mealtimes is to catch a quick bite at the kitchen counter or eat from a tray balanced on your knees in front of the TV. Sometimes the dining room becomes a store room for all those pieces of furniture or household appliances that are used only occasionally. If a dining room or dining area is not used, or is filled with clutter, then positive energy will not enter this part of the house. The dining room will become a neglected area, sterile, cold and unloved. If you want a balanced home then all areas of the home must be utilized and loved.

When decorating a dining room or dining area it is important that you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people want to linger over a meal, happy and secure in each other’s company. Table decorations can be used but these should never obscure the view of one person from another. Tables should aid conversation so should be octagonal, circular or oval in shape as this means that everyone at the table can both see and talk to each other. At mealtimes everyone should be treated equally so there should not be a head of the table position. Chairs should be comfortable, all at the same height and be able to be drawn up to the table unimpeded. If a person cannot sit comfortably at the table then they will not feel valued as part of the group.

Providing a dining room is used regularly for the purpose for which it was intended there are very few problems that can’t be solved very easily. An often used dining room which is loved, cherished and enjoyed helps support the family unit and makes for a very happy home.

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